A Fresh Addition to Our List of Benefits – Private Health Insurance


When you work hard like our crew at the SoftwareHaus, you need to make sure you are taking good care of yourself. This primarily means staying healthy.

Unfortunately, the public healthcare system in Serbia has some faults. It’s quite hard to get an appointment within a week from calling. Rather, you will get a date three or four weeks later than you need it, and it will – abiding by the Murphy’s law – always be during your work hours. Not to mention the fact that for some of the screenings and tests you’ll still have to turn to the private sector.

There’s also the bureaucracy-gone-wild requests you will face if you try to insure a family member. Fun fact: did you know that an uninsured person married to another uninsured person cannot be insured if the spouse doesn’t file insurance request as well. Read that again. If they have a child under 26, well, then the whole family needs to file an insurance request or else – no health insurance for anyone. In short, you will go through bureaucratic hell if you try to help your elderly parents deal with their insurance requests.

In these times when it’s become a challenge to stay healthy, our company has decided to help us overcome these unnecessary nuisances and went on a search for the best privately-held healthcare provider in the country. We got a great deal with MediGroup, and all of its partners across the country. This is how we made sure all team members, both Belgrade and remotely based, can have full access to this benefit.

On top of this, we can insure any close family member we want, be it our mother, brother, wife, or unmarried partner.

We are all covered for preventative exams and all diagnostics available. MediGroup is an umbrella organisation which offers practically all medical services you might need, including some which aren’t available in public hospitals, such as MRI. This means we have access to any exam we might need, from blood analysis, to eye exam, to dental check-ups. This also includes a full body health check-up.

We can now take care of ourselves without the stress and frustration of spending hours on end in overcrowded waiting rooms. Providing all SoftwareHaus teammates with access to this all-encompassing healthcare is a great indicator of the appreciation for the effort our squad puts into the daily tasks.