We base our business philosophy on doing our best to make sure clients are getting the highest quality service and solutions, delivered on time with the excellent quality/price ratio. Our focus is on helping our clients reach their goals while encouraging growth and stability. The entire company is set around providing value-added subscription services to consumers in several European countries, with an innovative and steady approach. 

We started working with smaller businesses and associations, growing their brands and building websites for them. Our goal now is to make a significant impact on international markets. 

SoftwareHaus consists of vibrant and dedicated people, with experience in the web industry. We pride ourselves on our crafts and flexibility to adapt to the needs of each client. We learn from each other and encourage the individuality in the team. This loyal approach transfers to our relationships with clients. For us, success is measured by positive experiences, not by sum on bank accounts. 

Enabling effortless promotion of software as a service products through affiliate marketing.

To unleash the full potential of the amazing pool of the software engineers in Serbia, to create pioneering software products.

Company Values


Trust makes the world go around – that is why we are creating an atmosphere of mutual understanding and loyalty within our company. We don’t ask for more than we give.


The evolution theory claims that it is not the “best” ones that survive – but the ones with the ability to adapt. Even though you can always count on your colleagues, we expect you to be ready to take the bull by the horns and to possess a problem-solving attitude.


When something doesn’t seem right, we notice it and address the issue. Everybody is expected to contribute to the method and process improvements within our daily duties.