Getting Started – Interview With Our Youngest Member


One of the first things we wanted to talk about on our blog is the atmosphere in SoftwareHaus . We wanted to introduce you to the way we operate, talk about the positive examples we are setting here and generally share the things we find important for anyone in IT industry, but also not limited only to it.

After thinking about the form in which we should present the initial topics mentioned above, we decided that the best way to introduce ourselves is to introduce one of the members of our team – in fact, the youngest one.

So, today we will talk with Vidan, our Junior Front End Developer.

Hello Vidan, can we begin with you telling us a bit about yourself?

Hi there. After I graduated from the Architecture School, I got into college but didn’t really find myself there. So, I left college and in the meanwhile got interested in development, especially Frontend. In that period, I worked in different places in order to sign up for the Frontend course.

Since I am here now, that obviously means it all went well and according to plan. In my spare time, I practice photography, drawing, and also play American football and soccer.

How did you decide to get into development?

As I mentioned, didn’t really find myself at college, so I dedicated that period of time to self-discovery. At the time, I started maintaining a movie website with a couple of friends, and that’s when my interest in Frontend began.

Is this your first job?

In the IT world, yes. Before that, I’ve worked as an Architectural Technician, along with other jobs I could find.

When did you join SoftwareHaus and how?

I have joined SoftwareHaus about 8 months ago. I met Milan, our designer, on the Frontend course I took, he thought that I was pretty good for a beginner, so he asked if I would like to try and join the company. Five days, one interview and one test interview later, I became a part of the team.

So, tell us a bit more about your role in the company?

I am a Junior Frontend Developer, but due to my interests and education in graphic design, I occasionally hop in and help with that too. I love trying out new tools and generally learning new things.

Can you describe to us your usual day here?

My day begins kind of early (editor’s note – 05:20 AM). SoftwareHaus made sure we all have a complimentary gym and pool access, and I use the gym every day before my work hours. So, I’m in the gym usually from 7 AM till my work starts around 8 AM.

Then I get on with my work, attend a meeting if we have something important to discuss or plan, we take a break and lunch together, sometimes take a stroll by the river and leave around 4 PM.

What do you like about your company?

One of the things I find very important is freedom. That’s what we have here, no micromanagement or stress. Besides, we don’t have a strictly professional and formal atmosphere in the company, but rather a friendly environment, kind of like a family.

Anything you don’t like…?

I guess it sounds fake, but really nothing. We obviously encounter various issues from time to time, but we respond to them quite well and try to improve the processes and organization every day.

Last but not least, what would be your advice for those who are considering joining SoftwareHaus or generally trying to enter the IT world?

Well, for anyone considering joining us, just send us your application! For those thinking about entering the IT world, regardless of the exact position, the beginning is the hardest part.

It helps if you come from a field related to IT, but be prepared for hard work and constant education for the rest of your career. I guess it’s like with anything else, you won’t be good at something unless you love it and really give it your best shot.