Parking Garage (click for exact directions).

Park the vehicle in the garage – entrance B1, level 0
Before entering the garage, you will see a device on the left side that issues parking cards. After taking the card, look for the first free parking space. After parking, look for the entrance to the reception of Tower B and announce yourself at the reception.

Tower B Reception

After BENU pharmacy, turn right and look for the entrance to the reception of tower B and announce that you are going to apartment 1901 (19th floor), contact Marija Mladenović 0637753953.
When leaving, be sure to take the Software Haus Parking Permit Card from the Office Manager, Marija Mladenović. Give this card together with the parking card to the parking service located on the left before the exit ramp.
For all questions, you can contact Office Manager Marija Mladenović at 0637753953