Vuk on Leaving the Nest


Seeing a teammate leave your company is never easy. It’s even harder to get used to this idea when they have been a part of the crowd almost from the very beginning. Still, knowing how much this person contributed to the company, you have to appreciate their effort as well as the decision to move on in search of new professional challenges and adventures. They’ve helped the company grow, they grew with it, and now they are ready to pursue new goals on their own.

So, although we are sad that we are parting ways with Vuk, we are also grateful for his contribution to the company and we are glad we had the chance to help him grow both professionally and personally.

Now, let’s see how he feels about the time he spent as a backend developer in SoftwareHaus.


Hey, Vuk! So, how long have you been with SoftwareHaus?

I’ve been in SoftwareHaus for 2 years.


In three words, how would you describe the atmosphere in our company?

Fun, challenging, friendly.


In retrospect, how did the company help you grow professionally?

Since the projects I was working on were very large, the time spent on them helped me better understand the importance of performance, code quality, and thinking about edge cases. In short, the company helped me become the developer I am today!


And what’s the most valuable lesson on the personal level that your SH team taught you?

Be honest about your work. If you don’t know how to do something, let your teammates know you are having difficulties so they can help you. We’re all in this together and everything that is accomplished is the result of the team effort. So, trust in the people you’re working with and be each other’s support.


Would you recommend this company to other programmers in search of employment, and why so?

Definitely. The team atmosphere is amazing, and the projects are very interesting and quite complex, too. So, if you’re up for a challenge that can boost your knowledge immensely, give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed!


What would you highlight as the most valuable benefit of working here?

As mentioned before, the company will always satisfy your hunger for knowledge. Whatever it is that you would like to learn, you will get an opportunity. When I came here, I probably didn’t know even 10% of the things I know now.


And what will you miss the most?

Amazing teammates. We had such a blast, there was never a single ill word said or any kind of personal conflict between us. Whatever needs to be done, we would sit down, discuss it, present our ideas, and decide what would be the best way to move forward. The chemistry that we had was out of this world, and I’m glad that I can call all of them my friends, and not just colleagues. Beer after work with those people is always on schedule, no matter where I go next.


Is there a fun or emotional moment that you will especially remember?

We had loads of fun during our New Year’s Eve party in the office. We took photos of each other wearing plush reindeer antlers on our heads. Then we printed those photos and put them on the whiteboard, and we voted the “Reindeer of the Year”. I hope this becomes a tradition that will carry on throughout the years.


Finally, what would be your advice to the next person who comes to fill your position?

Have trust in your teammates, they will never let you down. No matter how experienced or inexperienced they are, they will always give you great ideas about the common problem just by looking at it from a different perspective.

Good luck, you’re in for an amazing ride!


Thanks, Vuk, for your time, and good luck in your future career! We will miss you!