Why is Vue.js one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks?


A lot of programming languages are being used today, and each of them has its own purpose, benefits, and characteristics. However, we can’t deny that Java Script is still the most popular language among programmers. For more than five years, Java Script stays on the top of the list, leaving behind his rivals, such are Java, PHP, C++, and others. JavaScript is utilized for different purposes, thanks to its useful frameworks and practical libraries. According to the newest trends, one of the JS frameworks, Vue.js, is growing popularity every day. We decided to see what makes Vue so attractive among web developers, that even big companies, such are Netflix, Alibaba, Adobe, etc., believe Vue is the best technology for them.

There are no simple rules you should follow when it comes to choosing the best JS framework. Instead, we believe that all of them own certain benefits, and they are convenient for different types of projects. For these reasons, we decide to say something about the benefits that Vue.js possess and explain why Vue is so attractive to a broad audience.

What is Vue.js?

Vue.js or Vue is the youngest JavaScript framework developed by former Google employee Evan You in 2014. Like the other JavaScript frameworks and libraries, Vue brings interactivity to your website. Vue is defined as light and progressive framework, and it is used for building a user interface. Vue is designed to be adaptable and versatile, and, at the same time, it has enough power to be used for creating sophisticated apps.

Vue has good performances, mostly because of its lightweight virtual DOM implementation. Due to his small size (the size of this framework is 18–21KB), Vue files can be downloaded quickly, and for this reason, it is especially liked among web developers. Vue also gains popularity thanks to its very simple code structure and the ability to integrate into any project.

Advantages of Vue.js

The youngest member in JS triad, Vue, is accepted between both beginners and experienced developers, because of his simplicity and flexibility. In comparing with already mature Angular, and currently favorite React, Vue is not supported by major companies such are Google or Facebook. Instead, Vue is an open-source project, and it is back up through crowd-sourcing. And this is a big plus since Vue’s quality, and development relies on millions of creative users.

When it comes to the complexity of Vue’s syntax, this is probably the simplest JS framework. But, the simplicity doesn’t diminish its power. With Vue, it is possible to code with so little effort, and by using a simple code structure. Vue is indeed similar to React and Angular in many aspects, but it is more customizable and intuitive than his competitors.

One of the most powerful things about Vue is his extensive use of components. Like any other framework’s components, Vue’s are also changing performances that show on UI. The advantage of Vue’s components is they are more flexible and maintainable. Developers are able to make changes within a script, split web page into different components, and manipulate with each of them to achieve a better experience. The single-file components can be reused, which speeds up the whole process of the development and makes it easier.

Vue’s users especially like its capability to adapt to the new environment. Due to the fact that Vue is built on JavaScript, it can be easily integrated into any existing applications supported by JavaScript. In this way, users can customize the existing project according to their requirements. For many front-end developers, this ability is crucial, since they can make changes and improve projects at any level. Add to this the fact that Vue is simple, fast, and it owns a set of tools, Vue is a great decision for many individuals and teams.

Overall, Vue.js is a modern JavaScript framework, used for developing a user interface. Vue’s popularity constantly grows, and it tends to dominate over Angular and React. Vue has a small learning curve and straightforward syntax. Therefore, it is perfect for those who just started coding. And, Vue.js has a great community of front-end developers that continually grows, which is a big advantage for the programmers of all levels. If you are already using React or Angular, you can easily switch to Vue, since it uses components that overlap with the previous two. The next version of Vue.js (3.0) is expected to be released by the end of 2019.